Melissa McFadden, a Mom from the 2nd Congressional District of South Carolina, opened her new campaign website and registered to contest long-serving Congressman Joe Wilson’s seat in Congress today.

When asked “why” she is running for Congress, having no previous political experience, she responded; Joe Wilson has been a good Congressman for South Carolina, but this is the problem with our government and Capitol Hill today. Our elected officials have become career politicians, and the system is nearly totally corrupted because of this.

She continued; Our founding fathers did not intend for our representatives to go to Capitol Hill and serve for literally decades. Their original intent was for “citizens” to be legislators for a term or two, then return home and let the shopkeeper, town blacksmith or innkeeper go and represent their districts.

Unfortunately, with the way our government is set up today, our representatives are, for the most part, owned by lobbyists, Super-PACs, and corporations.

When asked “why” she believes she would be a good Congressional Representative, McFadden responded; I am the mother of six beautiful children and have a husband of nearly two decades.

I am a fighter, and the sad truth is, we are in desperate need of fighters for conservatism on Capitol Hill today. Our current representative is very seldom heard from, and I don’t want to leave my children to live in a Socialist nation.

I want them to have the rights and privileges that I had growing up. In fact, Congressman Wilson campaigns on being pro-life yet has voted for every budget that supports and funds Planned Parenthood which, as you know, is nothing more than an abortion corporation. This is but one example.