Border Security and Immigration

Melissa McFadden believes that what is currently transpiring on
our Southern Borders literally approaches criminal acts by this
Democrat Administration.

When Joe Biden was sworn in as our President, he took an oath to
protect and defend our Constitution, Laws, and our Nation.
Through Executive Fiat, he is allowing our Nation to be all but
invaded by foreign nationals who have not been vetted,
questioned, or had background checks performed.
Melissa believes that this flagrant flouting of our countries
immigration laws must be stopped.

We have laws on the books and have had laws on the books for
decades determining a process by which an immigrant could come
to the United States and begin the process of becoming a citizen.
Melissa McFadden believes that we should secure our borders
immediately and that we do not need new immigration laws; we
only need to enforce the ones we currently have.

Melissa believes our Nation was built on immigrants from foreign
lands and beliefs we should continue accepting immigrants;
however, this process should be performed legally.

Right to Bear Arms
Law and Order The Thin Blue Line