Melissa McFadden is highly sympathetic toward all the victims
and their families of those who have been stricken with the
a pandemic virus is known as COVID-19.

Melissa also believes that what the Democrats have done to
politicize this virus is borderline (in fact, may end up being)
criminal in nature.

She believes that as American citizens, we have the right to decide
whether to be vaccinated or not. She believes that it should be up
to the individual business owner whether they want their
customers and patrons to wear masks or not. Not the government!
Melissa believes that in States such as Michigan, the Governor has
overstepped their authority by forcing large blocks of businesses
to close during the pandemic while leaving open companies such
as Walmart and Target. This act was clearly political cronyism and
has cost the citizens of Michigan hundreds of thousands of jobs,
and thousands of privately held companies have been forced into

Melissa believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights should
never be usurped.

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