Right to Bear Arms

This is likely one of the most contentious issues facing America

Our Founding Fathers gave us our 2 nd Amendment for several

The first being that “We the People” would always be armed to
prevent a tyrannical situation from transpiring where the
the government became too powerful.

The second purpose of our right to bear arms is to protect our
lives and property.

There is now no disputing that this Democrat Administration is
making the boldest of attempts at seizing many of our guns and
usurping our precious second Amendment.

As your United States Congresswoman, Melissa McFadden
believes that “Shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says.
Melissa will never vote to infringe your 2 nd Amendment rights for
any reason.

Melissa McFadden is a gun owner herself and a member of the
National Rifle Association.

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